Safe tool for worktime registration

*Supports Microsoft 365 accounts only

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Safe and reliable

WorkTime is operated securely in Microsoft's Cloud Platform, with uptimes of 99.95% and automatic backup and scaling according to use. In WorkTime, we do not store any personally sensitive information and comply with all GDPR laws and are EU approved with the ISAE 3402 declaration.

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WorkTime is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for both employers and employees. There is no user creation or user management. We support Single Sign-On so everyone logs in with their own login.

  • Easy and user-friendly

    Choose whether you work from the office or elsewhere and press 'Start' to begin registration. When your working day is over, you just press 'Stop' and your time is recorded accurately and seamlessly. We have removed unnecessary complications and made it easy for everyone to navigate through the app. With WorkTime you don't have to worry about cumbersome procedures - it's about making recording working time as easy as possible, so you can focus on what really matters: your work.

  • Overview of registrations

    Our user-friendly app gives you a simple and clear overview of when you are and have been at work. With a few clicks, you can easily access a detailed overview of your registrations, wherever you are.

  • Automatic reminder

    WorkTime makes sure to remind you of your registrations if you forget. When you go to your overview, you can see your previous registrations and the days you may have should have forgotten.

  • Automate reporting

    With our reporting, it is easy and clear to create an overview of all registrations over a period, across employees. Gain insight into working hours, illness, vacation, homework and time in the office and get key figures presented in real time. The reports can be sent automatically on a weekly and/or monthly basis and can be easily accessed through a browser.

  • API and export of data

    Export the data you need directly to Excel. WorkTime also allows API access to other systems and own reports.

  • Rest time warning

    WorkTime gives you a message if an employee has not registered their working hours or if they are in a situation where they have worked more than what the law says.

We guarantee safety

  • ISAE 3402

    ISAE 3402 is an international standard that is used for auditing and assurance engagements with a high degree of assurance about controls at service providers, including IT service providers.

  • GDPR compliant

    Being GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, means that we as a company comply with the rules and regulations laid down in GDPR. GDPR is a European law that aims to protect privacy and manage the processing of personal data. To be GDPR compliant, a business or organization must implement appropriate security measures, maintain transparency about how personal data is processed and obtain consent from individuals before their data is processed

  • Datacenter i Europa

    We use Microsoft's data center. Having data centers in Europe entails several advantages. First, it ensures compliance with strict data protection laws, such as GDPR, that protect individual privacy and provide control over personal information. In addition, geographic proximity to users in Europe reduces latency, resulting in faster data transfer and improved performance of online services. Finally, it strengthens Europe's digital sovereignty by preserving data within the region, which can contribute to increased security and independence.

Standard worktime registration

It is possible for employees to have a standard time. That means that the system automatically daily make registration for them, that match they standard time. Then the employees only have to register when they deviate from standard time.

For many employees, it is enough to just send in the standard time once a month.


3.90 €

per user/per month

Registration and overview of working hours

Overview of registrations

Extract for reporting

Single Sign on*

No commitment period

Unlimited number of users

Mail support

Extended reporting

Integration through API

Phone and mail support

Branding with own logo and colors

Multiple locations

Customized registration and absence types

Role management in WorkTime Analytics

Push notifications

Submit weekly sheets for employees

Subscribe to reports

Standard time - Record only deviations

*Supports Microsoft 365 accounts only

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No, MyDesk Worktime is free regardless of where you are employed and the free version is not time-limited.

Yes, the administrator of your MyDesk Worktime can download all information from the admin portal at any time.

To use MyDesk Worktime, your employees must have a Microsoft 365 account. Login is simple as the employee logs in with the same username and password they use to log in to their email.

There is no need for you to create or maintain users or their passwords.

When you block a user’s access to their email in Microsoft 365, they simultaneously lose the option of logging in to MyDesk Worktime.

MyDesk does not have access to or knowledge of users’ passwords.

MyDesk ApS is behind the development of MyDesk Worktime and the product is part of MyDesk tools for workplace optimization.

  • There is an obligation to register working hours
  • There is an option to exempt the so-called “self-organizers”, i.e. employees who organize their own working hours from the requirement for time registration
    It is possible for the collective agreement parties to agree that individual agreements can be entered into that employees can work more than 48 hours on average if they perform functions critical to society and are covered by collective agreement rules on on-call shifts

This means that employers must implement a time recording system to ensure compliance with the applicable rules regarding daily and weekly rest time as well as maximum weekly working hours.

There is freedom to choose how to set up the system, but it must meet certain requirements. The time recording system must be objective, reliable and easily accessible. In addition, employees must have access to their own information. The employer must also keep the registered information for 5 years after the end of the period that forms the basis for the calculation of the average weekly working hours for the employee.

Yes, the working hours can be pre-filled. However, it must be accessible so that changes can be made as needed.

This only applies in very specific cases and the exception must be interpreted strictly. It requires an individual assessment, and it is generally not possible to make an overall, general assessment of an entire category of employees.

The legal notes mention the following as examples of who the exception could potentially cover: Some high-level managers, experts, experienced lawyers or academics who have considerable freedom to manage their working hours.

However, it should be noted that the exception does not apply to employees whose working hours are only partially not measured or can only partially be determined by themselves.